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    Post translational modification (PTM) is an important biochemical process, which occurs after the mRNA is translated into the protein sequence in ribosomes. PTM is involved in nearly all aspect of biological processes by regulation of protein function. Abnormal PTM status has been reported to be associated with a variety of diseases, including cancers and neurologic diseases (Wesseling, Hendrik et al., 2020; Geffen, Yifat et al., 2023; Kacen, Assaf et al., 2023; Chen, Ling et al., 2020). more details >>>

    Here we provide PTMD 2.0 (PTMs that are associated with human Diseases), an integrative resource that contains 342,624 PTMs-disease associations (PDAs) in 15,105 proteins for 93 PTM types and 2,083 diseases. In this work, we manually collected 6,740 high-quality, experimentally identified PDAs from over 800,000 pieces of literature, with detailed descriptions on PTM-disease relations taken from the primary references. Additionally, we integrated and processed potential 335,884 PDAs from three databases of ActiveDriverDB, BioMuta and PhosphoSitePlus. more details >>>

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PTMD: A Database of Human Disease-associated Post-translational Modifications
Haodong Xu, Yongbo Wang, Shaofeng Lin, Wankun Deng, Di Peng, Qinghua Cui, Yu Xue.
Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics. 2018.

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